"No time to die" postpone | Review of James Bond's suit | Black is classic forever

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Posted on August 05 2020

"No time to die" postpone | Review of James Bond's suit | Black is classic forever

James Bond by the Daniel Craig staged the latest "James Bond (James Bond: No Time to Die )" is no exception , its release date has been extended in April this year As of November this year. Why is Mr. Bond so popular? In addition to the infinite sex "Bond, James Bond" and every sexy girl he has seen, and of course his fitted suit, how has Mr. Bond picked six different suits in the past half-century This article tells you.


Sean Connery

Starring movie titles: " Dr. Nuo ", " Love from Russia ", " Golden Finger ", " Thunder Ball ", " You Only Live Twice ", " Diamond Forever "


From the first James Bond movie "No Doctor" in 1962 to "Eternal Diamond" in 1972, Sean Connery's 007 suites were all created by the founder of the custom brand Anthony Sinclair Completed in person.



Anthony Sinclair's fame began in the second half of the 1950s, when he opened his own custom-built studio of the same name on Conduit Street in London, with rigid but unconstrained shoulders, exquisite chests and prominent Elements such as the hourglass shape of his waistline blend into his unique style of tailoring.



Director Terence Young particularly likes these "cuts on Condy Street" because Bond ideally wears this kind of clothing, and he directly appoints Anthony Sinclair as the actor Customize suits and ask Sean Connery to wear these clothes from time to time (including sleeping) to perfect the character's words and manners. In a few months, Sean Connery ’s efforts and perfect suit finally transformed him from a “Scruffy Scottish countryman” into a charming gentleman spy. The closest to the original character.

 Dr. No


Love from Russia


Gold finger





You can only live twice

You can only live twice


Diamonds last forever

Diamonds last forever


George Lazenby

George Lazenby

Number of players: 1

Secret service under Ma

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)


In 1969, Sean Connery resigned as 007, and Australian model George Lazenby became the second Bond. Because of their different body shapes, director Peter Hunt replaced his male tailor's suit tailor with his own personal tailor, Dimi Major, who was born into a family. The tailor, who, under the training of his father, opened his own company on Fulham Street in London and became famous in 1959.

3-Piece Double Breasted Stripe Suit Black


Roger Moore

Roger Moore

Number of players: 7
Starring: "Live and Let Die", "The Man with the Golden Gun", "Spy Who Loves Me", "Monrak", "Only for Your Eyes", "Octopus", "View of Murder"
Life and death

Live and Let Die (1973)


From 1973 to 1985, it was Roger Moore ’s Bond era. During this period, the person responsible for the appearance of Roger Moore ’s screen was Cyril Castle) and Douglas Hayward.

Man with golden gun

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Before taking on the role of "007", Roger Moore was already a very prestigious actor and had worked with many tailors and designers. Therefore, when the actors began to tailor, Moore recommended Cyril Castle, who had collaborated in the British drama "The Saints", a tailor who is proficient in craftsmanship and production. Skill, but has an unexpected love for fashion design. He believes that this movie should be more contemporary, and the actor's clothing is naturally an aspect. Therefore, in two films in which he reigned supreme, Bond's style made a breakthrough change.

Love my spy

Love my spy


Stubborn Bond fans can clearly see the difference between Roger Moore's interpretation of Bond and Sean Connery's version, the former obviously abandoned the latter The seriousness of it, to make it more humorous and more indulgent, has nothing to do with his clothing. The number of suits, Moore wears more in sports and casual suits, and tends to be bold and diverse in the choice of colors, patterns and materials.





Just for your eyes

Just for your eyes





Kill one kill

Kill one kill



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