How To Dress More Mature

Leonardo Wang

Posted on July 25 2020

How To Dress More Mature
It's hard to definite "Grow up to adult". No matter from the aspects of mind, appearance or age there are different standards at all.
A person's life can be divided into several stages. Before the age of 30, the biggest change is from a student to a social figure, because the identity is different. Therefore, your clothes should also be different from the past.
The following recommended 4 kinds of "mature male" single product. Let your mature charm add extra points, and say goodbye to the past immature image!

No.1 Long Trench Coat
The trench coat in long version is the most popular in spring, also it is the best outfit for the growing up.
Dress it on, you can easily reveal the feeling of confident and handsome.
But those kinds of clothes is difficult to handle for some people. Because of the long version, you need to adjust the length according to your height.

Men who are shorter than 170 cm, it is recommended to select the length of the hem above the knee and in the middle of the thigh. Because it can effectively modify the body proportion, makes you look taller
Men who are taller than 170 cm, it is recommended to choose the length of the hem to about the knee, which could make you extraordinary. Additionally, the shoulder line fits well is also very important.

No.2 Corduroy Clothes
Corduroy is a kind of thick, smooth and soft fabric with straight stripes. It is named for its velvet strip which is similar to the wick. It is also quite suitable for clothing material of winter, both keep warm and build an atmosphere of retro nostalgia. It can add a touch of warmth to the wintry chill.

It's a must for many English gentlemen. No matter the business suit, vest, or trousers, as long as the material that used corduroy, it will make you look mature and capable.

No.3 Loafers
The term "Loafer" refers to a group of people who have a casual, elegant and relaxed attitude towards life. It is true that loafers are a kind of shoes without shoelaces, which can be worn casually. Therefore, some people call them "lazy shoes", which are suitable for various occasions and can be worn all the year round.

No matter what kind of styles you choose, yuppie business or leisure, as long as you wear a pair of loafers, you can easily control all of them. Men who want to turn the mature style, absolutely can not do without it.

No. 4 Tote Bag
It is believed that every stylish man has a backpack that can be used for multiple occasions. You won't get tired of carrying it on your back every day. Backpacks are easy to use, but when it comes to bags for adults, it is tote bags.

It's a little similar to canvas bags, but the material and the design are very different. Leather tote bag is the most common one, which looks masculine and fashionable. Stop saying that a tote bag is only for women. Every man should have one!

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