Mr. Bean Comes Back | Johnny English Strikes Again

Leonardo Wang

Posted on August 07 2020

Mr. Bean Comes Back | Johnny English Strikes Again
Mr. Bean is a famous sitcom master in Britain and even in the world. Although Mr. Bean is a British TV comedy, the actor who plays Mr. Bean - Rowan Atkinson, has been affectionately known as Mr. Bean all the way.

Mr. Bean is back

Mr. Bean
Can you imagine that Mr. Bean, who made us laugh like a fool, came back seven years later?

Mr. Bean

Right. Mr. Bean is back! The 63-year-old is once again saving the world with a laugh!
See this familiar face, the unfettered smiling face, we are warmed from the bottom of the heart!

Mr. Bean

This year, Mr. Bean eventually brings a masterpiece of funny, that is “Johnny English 3”.


Mr. Bean always receives the special important task in the special time, thus saves the world.
With Mr. Bean, the series of Johnny English could not be a serious movie of spy, but a comic action movie of spy that makes people laugh and cry.

he is back

Johnny English 3: Strikes Again
Johnny English, who was teaching well at the school, was suddenly called back to work by MI7 just because all the spies’ information was exposed. This time whether Mr. Bean can save Britain or not will depend on his ability to master the novelty.


In the movie, Johnny English is a teacher, but in class he teaches students how to pick up girls. (No, it’s social etiquette!)

Johnnt is teaching

Find back the old partner to perform the task together, but their meeting is full of gay love.

old partner

There is a bicycle ahead but block the road, Johnny immediately start the missile shot without hesitation. The reason is really simple, as they obstruct the queen’s classified mission. (It’s just blocking Johnny’s way, he can’t get around.)
In the two-minute trailer, I can see Mr. Bean’s spy style, classic and familiar.
Although Mr. Bean is full of jokes and failures, we know he will succeed in the end.
Johnny Johnny
Johnny Johnny
Johnny Johnny

After watching the trailer, a YouTube user said:

[I don't care whether the film is good or bad. I will watch the film hundreds of times, just because of Rowan Atkinson.]

- WHY ?

- Because he made my childhood full of fun. Thank you, Mr. Bean.

Rowan Atkinson

Today, a lot of movies are talking about logic, plot and characters, while Johnny English has removed these extra branches and flourishes, and woven the story into a children’s movie. These may help to exert Mr. Bean’s style.

funny style

Fire to the restaurant, make the ballroom, and fool around British streets with VR, seriously those funny paragraph is not new, even old and traditional. But because the performer is Mr. Bean, he can still make me laugh time and time again, especially with Mr. Bean’s deliberately lowered voice line. What’s more, his imitation of a French accent, with a bee-buzzing sound in his throat, is very pleasant.


Mr. Bean thinks he is omnipotent, but Mr. Bean is because of his dog excrement luck, plus his self-defeating behavior ability, let everything become to his advantage. At this time, “the leading role halo” can not be used to describe Mr. Bean, but should describe him with “fortune favors fools”.

johnny english 3


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