Can a suit be paired with jeans? How to dress better?

Can a suit be paired with jeans? How to dress better?

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Can a suit be paired with jeans? Of course!

A suit with jeans reduces the seriousness and solemnity created by wearing a suit and adds a sense of dynamism, handsomeness, and competence. We looking back at the popularity of this dress style, from the autumn and winter of last year to the autumn and winter of this year, it's okay to be awkward but not to change. However, matching a suit with jeans is not something you can wear casually. You still need to use some matching skills and dressing skills to wear a star style and a fashion style. So how do you wear a suit with jeans?
First, let's talk about a few points to pay attention to

The first point is to choose a casual suit!

If you want to take out the suit jacket lying in the closet and wear it with jeans, think twice. Because there is a great difference between the version of a casual suit and a complete suit, a casual suit is more suitable for pairing with jeans, while a complete suit will make you feel nondescript when paired with jeans because of the limitations of the version. In addition, the fabrics and materials of the two are also different, so the viewing angle effect will be very different. In particular, a complete set of custom suits will be made of high-grade wool fabrics. Compared with cotton suits and viscose suits, they are warmer and fit better, and they are wider to wear. The choice of materials for casual suits is particularly large. Cotton, cotton and chemical fiber blends, viscose, wool, polyester fibers, and chemical fiber blends can all be used. The price gradient is larger, and the molding effects and layouts are also complicated.
Therefore, if you want to wear a suit with jeans to look stylish and handsome, you must remember to choose a casual suit, a type of suit that has a lot of choices in terms of fabric, version, colour matching, and colour block distribution. This is the point to memorize!

The second point is to avoid overly embellished jeans.

Matching a suit with jeans emphasizes visual unity, and jeans with too complicated decoration or too bright patterns will make the visual focus fall on the jeans, thus losing the coordination and unity of matching and appearing abrupt. Then I talked about the critical points of matching a suit with jeans, and the next thing is the dry goods that everyone is looking forward to-the matching skills of a suit and jeans. The matching of solid colour suits and jeans: the most common contact in our daily life is solid colour casual suits, usually dark colours such as black, dark blue, light colours such as grey, white and so on. Dark suits will have a professional sense and will be slightly formal. You might as well pair them with some light-coloured jeans to look lively. If a dark suit is paired with dark jeans, it will create a personal stereotype.
Grey suits are a relatively neutral colour. When wearing a suit of this colour, you must remember that the inner layer is a light colour, preferably white. The lower body can be matched with dark jeans so that the upper body is refreshing and capable, and the lower body is stable and mature. Gives the feeling of A burst. But be sure to tuck your white innerwear, such as a shirt, into your trousers' waistband and jeans to fit well; otherwise, they will feel greasy and sloppy. Usually, a light-coloured casual suit + black inner layer + dark jeans + small white shoes is a classic combination. Boys wear neatly, and girls wear handsome and stylish. It can be said to be a versatile matching formula.
The matching of plaid suits and jeans: In Europe and the United States, plaid suits are pretty classic and fashionable styles. The size and arrangement of the plaids of each type are different, and the natural effects are also other. Because the plaid is a pattern decoration, you must remember to keep it simple when choosing the inner layer. The most classic match is a turtleneck sweater + light-coloured jeans + small leather shoes, or Martin boots. But this kind of collocation is not suitable for everyone, especially those with short necks who have a fast channel and wear a turtleneck sweater, which will make the whole person look rude and frustrated and ultimately lose the meaning of collocation. This group of people can choose a shirt with a half turtleneck; just don't let the sweater pile up around the neck!
In addition, some men like to wear 7-point skinny jeans when they wear a suit with jeans. This type of jeans is thin and wrapped around the legs. At the same time, it is also very short. Part of the ankles and calves are exposed and matched with a pair of tiny leather shoes. People's masculinity is weakened, giving people a special "mother" feeling, so friends with average appearance should not try it lightly.

The matching of coloured suits and jeans:

The coloured suits we are talking about here are those casual suits of sky blue, leather pink, army green, peacock blue, yellow, brown, and red, in addition to solid everyday suits. These coloured suits are not ordinary men. Colours that the suit can master yet have magical chemistry in women. For example, men in red suits have a sense of sight of a wedding host, while women can wear the feeling of a domineering female president. And women in pink leather suits will look lively and youthful, but men wearing them will make people question their orientation. When women wear coloured suits and jeans, they can also follow the rule of matching solid-colour suits with jeans. If the colour is darker, the lighter-coloured jeans should be used as a match to create a sense of visual conflict, emphasizing personal curves and body proportions. For lighter-coloured suits, you can use dark jeans as the criterion, simple and fashionable.
Of course, it is not enough to have matching skills. Be sure to see if you are suitable for a combination of suits and jeans. Generally speaking, boys with relatively small stature, tiny skeleton, and slender stature cannot hold up their suits, and they will also highlight their inadequacies in their importance. It feels like a child is wearing an adult's clothes.
In addition, friends with five or five figures, whether male or female, should not quickly try to wear jeans with suits. For a person with such a figure, wearing a suit will lower his waistline, making his legs look shorter, and if he is still a little fat, he will wear the three words "chubby".
Friends who are fat and round, when wearing a suit, don't button up the suit or choose those suits with small necklines, such suits will make people look bigger and stronger, and they will not stand out at all. Beauty. You can wear a suit with an open neckline or a suit with buttons as an embellishment to avoid showing your short body. At the same time, you should also pay attention to avoid choosing a suit with large squares and large horizontal stripes. Such a suit will cause a visual error in the horizontal-to-width ratio of the body shape, making people look at the width or height of the body. In short, a suit with jeans is a very stylish way to wear it. How to wear it to look good? In addition to distinguishing between colours and styles, it also needs to be matched according to personal body shape. The same classic collocation, not everyone is suitable for creation. The same colour version of the suit, not everyone can control it perfectly. To understand the skills of matching a suit with jeans, it is also necessary to study the characteristics of your dress so that you can make better choices and match better clothes.

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