How to choose a groom's suit

How to choose a groom's suit

Eighty per cent of the newlyweds tend to pay more attention to the style and details of the bride's wedding dress when choosing their wedding dress while ignoring the importance of the groom's suit. As you know, this is a wedding for two people. The groom's dress is as important as the bride's wedding dress in terms of dress selection! If you don't choose well, be careful to become the hotel bellboy! Now I will show you how to select the groom's suit? We can mainly start from three aspects: the colour, fabric and material of the suit, and the version of the suit.

Suit colour

The colour part also needs to be selected concerning the wedding theme, the groom's skin tone and body shape, and personal preferences.

1. According to the wedding theme

First of all, you must decide on the theme and style of the wedding before you start choosing a dress. If it is an atmospheric and elegant indoor wedding, then dark red/dark. Blue suits can bring more aura to the groom. Grass weddings, forest weddings, small and fresh-style weddings, and white/light/black suits are more suitable. Lawn for weddings, island weddings, the groom can try a grey suit, which is more harmonious with the surrounding bright colours. Remember a universal colour combination if you don't feel like trying out fancy colours! Choose dark blue for sure! Dark blue is a versatile colour in a suit. No matter what style or style of Western-style wedding dress you go with, you can't go wrong.

2. According to the groom's skin colour

Grooms with darker skin should avoid wearing grey, brown, black and other earth-coloured suits, which will only appear darker. You should choose a brighter colour, such as light blue, to better set off your skin tone and show your temperament. If you are very confident in yourself and want to try different styles of Lang, you can also consider retro-coloured suits such as coffee colour.

3. According to the groom's body shape

A thinner groom should not choose a solid colour dress that is too dark such as dark grey and black, which will make the visual focus smaller, wholly become a green leaf to set off the bride and look old. On the contrary, choose brightly coloured suits, such as light blue, sapphire blue, etc., preferably with plaid with a particular divergent effect, so as not to be too thin and become the hero of the wedding scene. The groom with a more muscular body has a wider choice. Try suits in various colours and textures, both dark and light. It is best to add a small vest to the suit, which can trim the waste and improve the appearance. It looks more energetic and solemn. Even outside in hot weather, taking off your suit jacket and revealing your waistcoat won't look very casual.

Fabric and material

Fabrics and materials are also critical when choosing a quality men's suit. Suitable fabrics can enhance the temperament and aura of the whole person, giving people a sense of an elegant gentleman. In contrast, inferior materials will instantly make you a barbershop boy or a hotel waiter on the street. Therefore, we are choosing fabrics. At this time, we must grasp the five keywords: soft, light, thin, firm and comfortable.

1. What are the fabrics and materials of suits?

Standard suit fabrics on the market include wool, silk, linen, mohair, cashmere, cotton, woollen and other materials. Wool can be used as the preferred material for suit fabrics. It has good air permeability, softness and toughness, smooth surface, and clear texture and is not easy to fluff. However, few materials are made of 10% pure wool, and the price is relatively high. Generally, the suit fabrics sold on the market will also be mixed with other textiles in different proportions, such as silk, linen, cashmere, etc., to increase the richness and functionality of texture.

2. How to choose a suitable fabric

In addition to the suit mentioned above, wool is the preferred material, and suits made of other materials are not inconsiderable. The main point to follow is that it must be touched with your own hands! Whether custom or rental, connect the fabric with your own hands before deciding! Touch the textiles of different materials more. You can feel the difference and choose the most comfortable one.
A tip: The groom's suit is different from the usual business suit. Choosing a slightly glossy fabric can make the protagonist's halo more prominent!

3. Choose different materials according to the season

When you choose a suit, you must also consider seasonal factors based on the fabric. Spring and summer suits need to consider breathability and lightness, and soft angora wool, cotton, linen, and blended materials are the first choices. You need to keep warm in winter, and heavy fabrics such as cashmere, flannel, and wool are more suitable. In addition, the fatty material fabric is ideal for slender men, which visually helps to increase the body's weight so as not to give people a thin feeling.

Type and cut

Suits are a type of clothing that is very particular about size and fit. No matter how high-quality a suit is, once the tailoring is inappropriate, it will lose the aura and fashion sense brought by the dress. Therefore, many grooms choose to customise their suits before marriage instead of renting them. Let's take a brief look at the four ordinary men's suit styles:

1. Flat lapel collar with a single row and two buttons

This is a fundamental and classic style. Anyone can hold it, and it is suitable for any occasion. If you have to talk about the shortcomings, it may be ordinary.

2. Lapel collar with a single row and two buttons

Because of the pointed lapel collar, the lapels look sharper and more delicate. Compared with the flat lapels, they are more fashionable for grooms who don't want to choose fancy and exaggerated but wish to pursue different minor details. They are very suitable.

3. Double-breasted suit

Many grooms prefer double-breasted suits when choosing suits. They feel that this style is gentlemanly and elegant. It is true that Uncle Face's double-breasted suit in "Ace Agent" is exceptionally handsome. Still, double-breasted buttons are more attractive, like being too thin or Men with stomachs are not suitable, but strong and tall people are handsome in double-breasted!

4. Tuxedo dress

A tuxedo dress can be understood as a short tuxedo, which is a semi-formal men's dress and belongs to the evening dress category. Perfect for weddings, its signature feature is its satin lapels. If your wedding is formal, I highly recommend this one.
The above is all about how to choose the groom's suit. Friends can start from these three aspects and choices concerning their daily habits, personal preferences and other factors.

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