We are back ! Fernando Alonso is return to F1

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Posted on July 14 2020

We are back ! Fernando Alonso is return to F1


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We are back. #f1

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Exciting news for the two-time F1 World Champion - Fernando Alonso. After retiring from racing in 2018, he will return to F1 in 2021 by joining Renault. The 39-year-old Spaniard will continue his storied life in Formula One. Alonso will be the Frenchman's (Esteban Ocon) partner and will take over from the Australian (Daniel Ricciardo), who will head to McLaren at the end of the season.

Fernando Alonso - The Story of a Legendary Driver

Alonso entered Formula One in 2001 with his first team, Minardi, which was also the weakest team of the year. Despite failing to score points in his first season, Alonso showed strong potential and often played consistently in races. In 2002, the Spaniard was selected by Bricciatelli to be a test driver for Renault, and in 2003, Alonso Get the chance to represent Renault and take his first career division win at the Hungarian division that year.

Youngest driver to win overall

While the Renault team was quite competitive, back then Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, and Toyota were all strong teams, especially with the Schumacher and Barrichello's Ferrari. In addition, star drivers like Kimi Raikkonen, Montoya, Schumacher Jr., and Villeneuve were among the rivals he had to deal with, but in the end In 2005, at the age of 24, Alonso became the youngest person to win a championship at the time. Driver's Overall Winner.

Hibernation after winning the title

After a brief period of pain at McLaren, Alonso returned to Renault, but by this time Renault had become a second-rate team and wanted to go on to win The championship was out of the question and we had to wait for our chance. Finally, in 2010, the opportunity came, the drivers' dream - Ferrari introduced Alonso, but unfortunately, that year, he scored 4 points with The margin was lost to Vettel. For the next few years, Red Bull's Mars and Vettel monopolized the race, while Ferrari began to experience a slump.


After "wasting" 5 years of Ferrari's golden age as a driver, Alonso returned to McLaren in 2015. At this point, McLaren was no longer competitive in the championship, and Alonso's greatest exposure came when he spat on the radio about Honda engines. It wasn't until the 2018 season that Alonso was able to regularly gain race points as the car's failure rate decreased.


Alonso bids farewell to the place where dreams begin

For Alonso, he still has the ability to drive a Formula One car and his skills can still be described as stovepiped, but he is in F1 He never met an absolutely competitive car late in his career and never got the third he should have gotten earlier. The driver of the Year championship. But even so, when it comes to Alonso, fans who know F1 will affirm his strengths, and fans who like him will still expect the Jens, maybe at some point in the future, the Spaniard will return to F1?



Alonso - The unstoppable racing life

Alonso left F1 after the 2018 season, first moving to the WEC and helping Toyota win the 2018/2019 season Driver and Manufacturer World Champion while winning the Le Mans 24 Hours All-Competition for the second year in a row. He also went on to attempt the Indy 500, but unfortunately failed to qualify. In January 2020, he will compete in the Dakar Rally for the first time.
Perhaps this is all a hint of what our Spaniard has set up for his return to F1 today.

Now, after years away from F1, our Spaniard has announced his return to F1 by joining the Renault team. Last week Renault team leader Abitebol said: "We need a driver who is fast, we need a driver who understands and supports the A driver for Renault's F1 program." And Alonso is clearly the big-name driver that Renault wants.
Ocon, for his part, is keen to welcome Alonso back to the team: "I'm very close to Fernando, the only driver I've exchanged helmets with is him. He's the one who raced against Michael (referring to Schumacher) and his racing back then gave me a love for the sport."


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