Navy Regular Fit Stripe Linen Casual Shirt
Navy Regular Fit Stripe Linen Casual Shirt


Navy Regular Fit Stripe Linen Casual Shirt

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Linen is a pure natural fiber, which is characterized by sweat absorption, good air permeability and harmless to human body.


Strong moisture absorption is a common property of hemp fibers. The void structure of flax also allows the fabric to be breathable, that is why linen is often used in summer clothing.

Linen has a good strength and toughness, so linen suits are wear-resistant, and not easy to appear the situation of clothing damage.

[Shirt Styles]

High-quality lightweight fabric (Linen) makes the shirt look casual. Flexibility technology enables the fabric to stretch for maximum comfort.

This slim fit button closure shirt is really suitable for daily wear. You can wear it to take part in business work, party, date, sports and so on.

It is a must-have shirt in men's wardrobe, and a perfect gift for father, friends and boyfriend.

[How To Care]

Machine wash, hand wash suggested and low iron if necessary


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