Green Linen Blazer velvet Silver Print Dinner Jacket

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Linen, as the name implies, is made of linen after processing with flax as raw material.

Flax is a pure natural fiber, which is characterized by sweat absorption, good air permeability and harmless to human body.


√  Strong moisture absorption is a common property of hemp fibers. The void structure of flax also allows the fabric to be breathable, that’s why linen is often used in summer clothing.

√  Linen has good strength and toughness, so linen suits are wear-resistant, and not easy to appear the situation of clothing damage.

【How to protect】

√  Pay attention to the stacking method.

Neat and orderly stacking can not only be convenient for us to take when using, but also conducive to the smooth surface of the cloth, the intact structure of the organization.

√  Air dry timely after washing

Linen fabrics should be dried in time after washing so as not to cause the fabric to mildew, even should be completely dry before being placed up, and maintain ventilation.


The linen blazer is slim fit style with notched lapel, due to its fabric characteristics “almost no elasticity”, so you can choose one size larger when purchasing.

Simple & elegant design concept and the type design combined classic suit culture with modern elements. It's handsome and charming when you put on it.


1 * Blazer 


US Size Chest Shoulder Waist Length
34R 36.0-38.0 16.5-17.0 30.0-32.0 29.5-30.0
36R 38.0-40.0 17.0-17.5 31.5-33.5 30.0-31.0
38R 40.0-42.0 17.5-18.5 32.5-35.0 31.0-31.5
40R 42.5-44.0 18.0-19.0 33.5-36.0 31.5-32.5
42R 44.0-45.5 19.0-20.0 36.0-37.5 32.0-33.0
44R 46.0-47.0 20.0-21.0 37.5-38.5 32.0-33.0
46R 47.5-48.5 21.0-22.0 38.5-41.0 32.5-33.5
48R 49.0-51.0 21.5-22.5 40.0-43.0 32.5-33.5
50R 52.0-53.0 22.5-23.0 42.5-46.0 33.5-34.5
Size Chest Shoulder
XS 36.0-38.0 16.5-17.0
S 38.0-40.0 17.0-17.5
M 40.0-42.0 17.5-18.5
L 42.5-44.0 18.0-19.0
XL 44.0-45.5 19.0-20.0
2XL 46.0-47.0 20.0-21.0
3XL 47.5-48.5 21.0-22.0
4XL 49.0-50.0 21.5-22.0
5XL 50.0-51.0 22.0-22.5
6XL 52.0-53.0 22.5-23.0


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