Want To Be Fashionable? Just Change For A Bright Color

Carrie You

Posted on July 06 2020

Want To Be Fashionable? Just Change For A Bright Color

Fashion insiders are always addicted to purchase clothes in bright color.

Some people may doubt why to buy so many similar clothes.


Take above shirts for example. Where are they the same???

Anyway, they look nice, and can’t give up any piece !

Many people emailed me that how to dress more fashionable?

It’s so easy!!! Put your black white grey aside, and hug colorful colors~


The color scheme of your clothes really shows your sense of fashion!

Match or embellish some bright colors in your dressing, not only can give people a sense of refreshing & fashionable, also you will be happy.


Some people may say that they can’t hold Hawaii style. Because it’s too garish!

However, I don’t agree with them. I think everyone can hold it!

Here are two reasons to support my idea:

No.1 There’re no ugly people in the world, only people who’re not confident. If you keep thinking that you don't suit this garish style, then how will feel yourself more and more ugly when dressing it.

No.2 Every garment has its reason to exist. With good collocation tips, they will shiny every where.


Choosing the right color for a solid-color Hoodie can really turn you into a “ hipster” in seconds.

Personally thinking that deep purple must be the color which may not go wrong.

In addition to the coquettish of this color, dark purple really looks good with black.

Avoid bright colors when choosing colors, following are some examples:

When choose Yellow, don't pick Bright Yellow;

When choose Green, don't pick Turquoise;

When choose Red, don't pick Orange.

You’d better choose darker color or more light color, because they will look good when tie-in the plain colored coat.


Of course! Coat selection also is very important.

I need to advise you that no matter you dress garish hoodie or coat, there must be a simple white or black one side.

If you dress bright upper body, then the pants should be corresponding dim to reduce the effect of bright color. This is a great way to balance out the colors on the body. Otherwise, it would look really low.


Don’t forget!!!

Your goal is to be a fashion insider, not become a palette.


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