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Posted on October 11 2018

Avenger 3

Different from the total victory of heroes, Avengers 3: Infinity War is more meaningful – the design of half life and half death has philosophical flavor for us to appreciate, which is similar to the balanced Yin and Yang.

When the film ended, Thanos was sitting in the shanty, watching the sunset and missing the adopted daughter Gamora. 

Later we had everything, but not us…



Thanos & Gamora

Thanos - the supervillain. Ugly as he was, he was strong enough to defeat the hulk even make hulk afraid to show up. What's more, his ideal was not that he could reign the universe, but make the universe live forever. After the realization of the ideal, his daily life is not to enjoy the luxury, but just to sit and watch the sun going down…

The soul stone tells him that if you want to get, you have to lose first. So in the face of the choice of daughter or stone, he was throwing Gamora down the cliff without mercy. 

Sorrow was written all over his face. Yes. He got the soul stone, but he couldn’t see his daughter anymore.

Just as the guide said, we all thought we were ready, but was the ending as bearable as we expected?

cloudstyle-thanos Thanos
hulk hulk-cloudstyle
thanos-sad Gamora


Tony & Peter

Tony was a dandy, he was rich & smart & pride & willful. Until he met Peter - the spider-man, he became like a father, solving the troubles Peter caused constantly, urging him to grow up, keeping him away from danger and preparing him for crisis emergency. And Peter, who has admired Tony since childhood, has always regarded him as a model, hoping to join the Avengers and become a superhero.

Shortly after Tony slapped Peter on the shoulder and announced he was a member of the Avengers, the end had come.

peter-cloudstyle peter
spider-man Tony & Peter

Wanda & Vision

Wanda and Vision was the only lovers in Avengers 3. They fell deeply in love, with each other’s eyes mixed with love and care, they didn’t want to leave each other.

When Wanda was forced to kill Vision, he always repeated “Never mind, all I see is you.”

war cloudstyle-war
vision wanda


Robert Downey Jr. - Tony

After watching this film, Tony impressed me the most. Whether his acting or dressing style, both leave me a wonderful impression.

Then, let’s appreciate him in real life together!

Robert Downey Jr.-1 Robert Downey Jr. -2

From these two pictures, it shows off Robert's charm greatly. His beard almost reshape his image, adding great glamour to him. It is also impressive.


Look!  Robert Downey Jr. in this white suit is casual and simple, right?

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robert A6A4D19W1-cloudstyle

As a star, Robert has many parties need to attend. This black suit with an black bow-tie is truly fit him better.

Robert Downey Jr.


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Avengers 4 – Expectation

Will the half death come back to life? How will half life continue then?

In an interview, the two writers of Avengers 3 once said that “[Avengers 4] doesn’t do what you think it does.” “It is a different movie than you think it is.” “The deaths are real.” “I just want to tell you it’s real, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will be able to move on to the next stage of grief.”

Someone say it could be a story of time travel, or a new parallel universe. However, the scriptwriter said “We broke your heart. Now we’re going to blow your mind!”

Doctor Strange has used time stone to foresee the ending of infinite war 14000605 times, and found there’s only one way to win. How shocked the way of winning will be, we will not know.

Everything is perfectly balanced, as it should be. Perhaps the disappearance of an era is pregnant with the advent of a new era. We have no time to say goodbye, only can experience it.

Let’s look forward to the arrival of Avengers 4!

avengers 4

Tony & Cpatain doctor strange
Thanos-cloudstyle cloudstyle-thanos
amalgamate amalgamate-avengers



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