How To Grasp The Coordination Between Pants And Shoes

Carrie You

Posted on July 06 2020

How To Grasp The Coordination Between Pants And Shoes

I’ve noticed that many people maybe confused with such a problem “How to grasp the coordination between pants and shoes?”

Therefore, I’m going to explore the factors which may affect the shape of the lower body.

man in white suit

Let’s take a look at this example. It could be simply summarized as long (big) feet and not tall. What’s more, pants always make his feet look more bigger.

look short


The Choice of Version: Tight ≠ Slim Fit

No matter customized or ready-to-wear, narrow-fit suits are the go-to style for most men nowadays. Whether at Pitti Uomo venues or in daily life, it is ubiquitous.

Of course! There's nothing wrong with pursuing a well-fitting suit, but the right amount of "fit" can have an impact, especially on the pants. The concept of "fit" may vary greatly from person to person, but the effect that can be basically associated with it is slim fit.

Tight ≠ Slim Fit

What kinds of pants can be called as slim pants? Actually, it’s just the literal meaning, a pair of pants which can embellish the body. Because the final effect is still to return to your own body shape, so this is a relative concept. The width of the pants should be chosen according to the size of your own legs. The narrower the better is not correct.

shape of legs

Unless your leg shape is very straight, otherwise tight pants will reveal the shortcoming of your legs completely, even magnify it. Because the high close between pants and legs will draw the outline of your shape of legs.

high close with legs

This explained the need to leave proper space between leg ministry and pants body just can decorate to leg model, achieve the purpose of cultivate one's morality.

The concept that can define size of this space is the margin that everybody says.


On the one hand, the space of margin will reduce the destruction of the lines of pants by the legs when you are standing or moving.

On the other hand, it could improve the comfort of wearing. After all, too tight pants mean that the greater contact surface between pants and body. If the fabric is not soft, then you may feel uncomfortable.

Proper space of margin


The Consideration of Pants length

As we all know, there are 3 types of pants length, separately full break, half break and no break.

Full Break can be understood as that the pants foot covers most of the upper, while Half Break means that the pants foot just touches the upper of the shoes, while No Break means that the pants foot does not touch the upper of the shoes.

shape of pants length

Based on the current aesthetic trend, it is believed that most of them will still adopt the narrow and short credo and choose No Break.

However, Full Break is not ideal if the pants are too long, because it is easy to make the pants start from the vamp near the bottom of the pants and cause too many wrinkles, which will lead to a heavy feeling of accumulation, and it looks too sluggish.

pants length

the length of pants


The Balance with the Blazer

When it comes to the line of pants, you cannot leave the integral effect after adding a blazer. Because when people observe you, they always won't divide the line of fluctuation half-length, more it is to see a balance of whole, harmonious.

In simple terms, the fit and texture of the upper and lower body should be the same or close. If it is too loose and tight, too wide and narrow, then the overall lines will not be a smooth and natural transition.

The Balance with the Blazer

So if you want to adjust the coordination of the lower body, finally return to the overall modeling balance and line with the blazer.

return to the overall modeling balance


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