How To Dress Like A Successful Man With Suit?

Carrie You

Posted on July 06 2020

How To Dress Like A Successful Man With Suit?

Men that have bought suits must know that the price of a formal attire suit which is made of good quality materials always high. If it is customized, not to mention, the price is up to or even more than $1000. For stylish men who are college students, or just out of society, it is a very heavy burden.

However, here are some smart ways to make a change in fact. They could let the ordinary suits in the wardrobe look expensive! And the methods are super simple. Let's see!

successful man

Tip 1: Change the Sleeve Length

If your suit is not customized, the cuff length of the blazer will inevitably not fit well and may be too long.

So the best way to make a suit look like “designed for you” is to shorten it! Although the modification requires cost, it will definitely be much cheaper than “customizing the whole suit”.

shorten the sleeve

Tip 2: Change the Button

This way is really wonderful and great! The most different between “Ready-to-wear Suit” and “Customize Suit” lies in that the formal one is mass-produced. Therefore, the detail such as buttons will have no distinguishing feature. But for those who purchase customized suits, picking a “good button” is the key to show taste. Awesome people will choose to match their looks, preferences and personalities.

Therefore, if you want to make your suit look instantly unique, the best way is to replace the buttons! In addition to shirts and trousers, the buttons of suits are most recommended for replacement!

exchange the buttons

Tip 3: Change Trouser Legs

If you can only choose to modify one part of the suit, then you will be definitely recommended to change the trouser legs!

The hardest part of making a suit is the pants: the length shouldn’t be too long, because too long will show your informal. Second, the trouser legs also cannot be too loose, because too loose will make you look old! The trouser legs of today’s younger generation are usually slightly fitted.

pants legs changed

The suit pants that buys on market will always have those two problems! Because they are not customized. Therefore, I strongly suggest that if you want the whole suit to look textured, you should take the pants to modify, then it will look a lot cleaner!

change the pants legs

Tip 5: Match a Good Pair of Shoes

Last but not the least, the another way to make your suit look more expensive is not to do with the suit! It is matching a good pair of shoes. Because shoes are the most important item that shapes for integral modelling all the time.

As long as to choose the shoes with good textural quality, you will still look more handsome even you wear on the clothes purchased from supermarket.

quality shoes

good shoes


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