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Carrie You

Posted on August 28 2019

How to choose their first suit is the most concerned questions among all the man.

So why do you choose to purchase a suit?

According to the accumulated experience, most people buy their first suit for the following reasons (starting from five directions): 

※  Graduation job interview / job entry   

※  College entrance interview / exam  

※  Participate in social / etiquette activities  

※  Have a wedding  

※  Casual wear  ※ 


We’ll discuss each scenario separately “How to choose your first suit”.

※  Graduation job interview / job entry  ※

The choice of the first job is very important to the enlightenment of our life, so it must be the best possible way to get into the highest standard of the industry. When you're ready to go forward, you may want to be dressed in a way that will give you credit.

What we’ll recommend is a suit in navy/blue(not royal blue), it is suitable for the most young men. Navy blue give people a sense of calm, and suitable for most public institutions.

Royal blue suits show people some energy, suitable for more extroverted job interview.


※  College entrance interview / exam  ※

If you’re planning to buy a suit just in order to attend some college interview, then we do not require enough formal sense for the suit. It needn’t to be calm or capable, the most important is clean!

In addition to the black, gray and blue we often see in the suit, you can also choose the more youthful colors. Lavender, light brown, light blue, light green, light yellow and light gray are all good colors to choose.

Straight tube suit pants would be the best choice. It can not only match with leather shoes, but also canvas shoes or board shoes.


※  Participate in social / etiquette activities  ※

Apart from the suit wear for job and interview, many of people may purchase a suit because they have to attend some social or etiquette activities. For example, host, cocktail party and other activities. At this time, suit is also a weapon.

Therefore, we can choose more diversified suits. Elements like pinstripes, large squares, and stripes can all be our choices.


※  Have a wedding  ※

Based on our observation, the reason to choose the first suit for most people is wedding. No matter attending a wedding or be the bridegroom, you need to wear a suit. Therefore, you have to possess your first suit.


※  Casual wear  ※

There’re much to write about the casual suit, because this is the pursuit of suit lovers.

But our theme is the first suit. Following, we just simply analyze how to choose your first casual daily wear suit.

About style and color, you can choose from a variety of colors, including dark and low saturation. The common colors are blue, brown, and gray, except for solid colors with a little bit of pattern in large squares or small lines.



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