Cloudstyle | Some Tips to Protect Your Suits

Carrie You

Posted on July 06 2020

Cloudstyle | Some Tips to Protect Your Suits


Suit, as a must-have item for men's wardrobe, is a man's “coat armor”. It comes to show personal taste in every major occasion.

However, few men have a good maintenance to their “coat armor”. So, Cloudstyle have to remind all of you that suit is a delicate item. It will be able to wear for a long time if you protect well. But if you place it at random, it may close to its life.

Here gives you the most comprehensive maintenance strategy.


As we all know, suit must be dry-clean . If you’re not sure whether the suit will be damaged by your hand-washing or not, Cloudstyle suggest you to make it dry-clean and must look for a dedicated and reliable dry cleaners. They will provide professional care for your suit and avoid damaging the fabric.


The less you wash the suit, the better.

Even the most durable and highest suit only has 4-5 years to maintain.

Washing liquid and washing way will do some damage to it more or less. Therefore, it’s better to reduce the times of dry-cleaning.

If you really want to send your suit for maintenance, once a year would be enough.



How to remove stains effectively when a suit is dirty?

If it’s a small range of stains, please immediately dip a little water or a little detergent on it and gently wipe it.

If it's a large range of stains, please send it to the dry cleaner at once.


Cloudstyle don’t recommend to wear the same suit for more than two days continuously.

After being worn, the suit may have somehow deformation. And it need some appropriate rest to recover. So preparing 2 or 3 sets of suit to change is better.




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