Cloudstyle | How To Do With Thin & Soft Hair?

Carrie You

Posted on July 06 2020

Cloudstyle | How To Do With Thin & Soft Hair?


Question: My hair is too soft and thin, even not thick, what kind of hairstyle may I cut?



There are two basic types of soft hair:

One is naturally soft and yellow;

Another is acquired damage, too much ironing and straightening make hair become soft.

In a word, the problem of hair’s thickness or thinness, softness or hardness lies on the root of hair, therefore it should be started from the root, where can give birth to hair.


First of all, you should do more scalp massage to stimulate the hair follicles, promoting the circulation of blood and the development of hair.



Secondly, you can moisturize your hair with supplement nutrition, so that to improve your hair quality. Ginger juice can stimulate scalp to make hair become coarse, and it also can promote hair growth! So adding ginger juice to shampoo is a good way to improve your hair.



What’s more, cutting hair frequently can also make hair thicker.


When you want to do hair after washing it, you can blow it to dry or half dry with hair dryer, and then use a bit wax to let the hair more fleeciness. People with thin and soft hair are more likely to use those products such as mousse, or hair wax.



If your hair are not much, you can perm a kind of roll hair to let it look more fleecy.



Of course, hair-scalding is unavoidable, so you’d better embellish, nurse, and give nutrition to it, and make it look smooth and healthy.





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