Cloudstyle | How Many Prerequisite Are You Missing?

Carrie You

Posted on July 06 2020

Cloudstyle | How Many Prerequisite Are You Missing?


What kind of man can be describe as “Mr. Right "?

Does he should be 180cm tall? Or does he should have eight pieces of abdominal muscle?

Different people has different understandings.  

Here are 4 standards below, which do you lack?


No.1  Clean and Clear Appearance

It is often said that people may pay attention to other’s face at the first glance, but in fact they don't just look at your facial features, but also focus on whether your skin is clean and fair. Your features can be not look good, but your skin must be clear.


No. 2  Refreshing & Brisk Hairstyle

Apart from your features and skin, haircut is one of the crucial factors. A good haircut can make a person feel different, but it needs constant maintenance.


No. 3  Proper & Decent Apparel

Clothes make the man. Dress well or not often represents a man’s identity. You may not have to wear a famous brand, but you must show your personal style. Straight pants are a good choice to wear, which can be worn in all seasons.


No.4  Humor & Positive Attitude

Beautiful skins are all alike, and interesting souls are one in million. Now, girls are more caring about man’s inner. After all, the appearance will be old, but the interesting soul will accompany the whole life.



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