Cloudstyle | Embrace Your Short Sleeves Shirt

Carrie You

Posted on July 06 2020

Cloudstyle | Embrace Your Short Sleeves Shirt


Short-sleeved shirt is known as one of the most difficult items to be matched in summer.
Dress strange, you may impress other with a sense of village cadre; but dress well, you may look like a charming boy. So how much do you know about the method of wear short-sleeved shirt?



Button Up All the Buttons

If you want to button up all of the buttons, short sleeve shirt of pattern or plaid would be the best choice. To be a gentleman or a yuppie, it’s up to your own style!
Between the spring and summer, short-sleeved shirts not only can match trousers, but also the shorts!


Button Casually

You can unbutton the top and show your chest muscle.
But if you’re thin, you can untie the bottom button to show bottom short sleeve, and build a layer feeling.
Fashion media often tell readers that short-sleeved shirts must fit, or they will make you look older.
But actually, as long as the collocation is appropriate,loose pure color shirt still can shape you as fashion as a New York's skateboard teenager!



Unbutton Completely

If the pattern of short sleeve shirt is more eye-catching, you’d better match white short sleeve inside.
If the short sleeve shirt is in plain color and simple design, you can choose T-shirt with stripe or pattern inside.



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