Cloudstyle | Cristiano Ronaldo -- hard-working people

Carrie You

Posted on July 06 2020

Cloudstyle | Cristiano Ronaldo -- hard-working people

In the wee hours of June 16, The World Cup did belong to Ronaldo.

The 33-year-old Portuguese player, in face of the enemy Spain, helped to save the whole of the national team and win valuable for the team. The circle of friends all over the world was seething in an instant!

Let's start with a review of Ronaldo’s hat-trick.

This game let us once again witness the inexhaustible power in Ronaldo’s body!

Ronaldo is full of strength and speed. He is regarded as one of the strongest players in football with amazing jumping ability.

Ronaldo told the Sun earlier: “my biological age is 23 and I have a long time to play soccer and I can play until I’m 41. I feel great happy and have nothing to complain about.”

At the age of 33, he is still fit and competitive as if he was at 23, and the Sun has concluded that the secret to Ronaldo's younger life is self-discipline.

Ronaldo’s greatest appeal is his sense of gentleman. He can be domineering on the soccer match, and he also can show his elegant demeanor off match.


Ronaldo, a hard-working and successful soccer player, not only has good figure, but also the good clothes collocation.

Ronaldo’s “gentleman” charm, let us know that gentlemen behavior and dress will impress you greatly. But how to shape the men in real life into gentlemen quickly?

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