Cloudstyle | 4 Bright Color Suits Enhance Your Temperament

Carrie You

Posted on July 06 2020

Cloudstyle | 4 Bright Color Suits Enhance Your Temperament


As for men, Suits are very important. But the all-black suit is not the only option!!!

1. Coffee

If you don't want to overdress at first, coffee is a good choice.

The coffee suit actually belongs to Italian style design, which is easy to match with other colors.

Meanwhile, it gives people a sense of relaxing and casual.

In addition, in the choice of the coffee suit, you can choose a looser one, it can shape you to a

street style.


2. Blue

Wearing a blue suit can easily make you to be the focus of different situations, because blue can

make people look more energetic and also give others a sense of humor.

Different shades of blue have different effects. The easiest way to wear them is according to the

seasons. You can wear a lighter blue in summer, darker blue in winter.

In the dull office, blue suits can often surprise others and even bring a kind of young breath.

Don’t miss it !!! 



3. Green

With the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in people’s hearts, the green clothes

become very popular, so as the green suits.

You may have a question in mind whether a green suit is hard to match or not, but don’t worry.

In fact, it depends on the color of one’s skin. If your skin is white, it’s easy to give people a sense

of fashion.



4. White

White suits are the most difficult suits to wear, because you may become a fashion disaster if you

are failed to collocate well.

The focus of white suit is on the fit clipping of waist and arm, because white will make one’s

shortcomings more obvious. If you are confident enough, white suit will add more points for you.

A full set of well-tailored white suit boost your temperament of a noble.







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