5 Popular Hairstyles! Worth Collecting!!!

Carrie You

Posted on April 08 2018

It's time for men to get a cool hairstyle!!!

But now all kinds of hairstyles are dazzling, and people really cannot decide which hairstyle to change.

To be honest, there are many types of haircuts for men. And now men are paying more and more attention to their hair. A nice hairstyle is sheared according to one’s feature, and different features of face are suitable for different hairstyle.

 Do you want to have a handsome hairstyle that suits you? The following hairstyle is all the hairstyle that suits the men. Clear or handsome, there are all sorts of style let you choose! Absolutely soar your rate of second glance!


  1. Undercut

Such a hairstyle will make you fresher, breathable and super styled. If you match with a fashionable dress, it will definitely increase your popularity.


For men who don’t have enough time to tidy their hair before going out, undercut could be their best choice which makes them simple and special.



  1. Brush Cut

This simple type is still popular in 2018, as it is the most direct sign to show men’s tough character.                   

The hairstyle of brush cut can make it easy for you to do in a minute. Of course, whether you are suitable for this hairstyle or not depends on the features of face, but there is no doubt that it definitely can give men the feeling of refreshing and sunshine.


If you are unconventional, you can carve shapes on both sides to make yourself more different. If you love the earrings, it can improve your rate of second glance.



  1. Short Hair With Neat Bang

This hairstyle is evolved from brush cut. First, maintain the hair length of both sides at 1-3 mm, then until the hair length can cover the forehead, you can ask the barber to help you do such a hairstyle.


However, we don’t recommend it for men with soft hair, unless they could take care of it every morning.



  1. Men’s Bun

If the length of your hair is long enough, then I will recommend this prevailing look for you “Men’s Bun”.


That’s right. With the back hair tied up, you will look more clean and neat. And wearing a showy headscarf will add more points for your cool image.



  1. Long Hair

In the past, men with long hair always left a rigid impression on others, but as many male stars began to wear long hair, the trend began to grow.


This long hairstyle makes someone look elegant. Many styles can be interpreted by long hair, such as British style, decadent style, rock and roll style, etc.


If you don't know which new hairstyle you're going to try, please try these!




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