2019 | The Best Men's Suits for Every Occasion

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Posted on July 06 2020

2019 | The Best Men's Suits for Every Occasion

A working man needs to be a smart man, not just in his wits but also in the way he presents himself. Your clothing has a lot to do with your overall presentation, and in a corporate environment, keeping in mind how you look is very important so as to ensure that your overall impression remains positive.

A suit is the perfect attire that you could possibly choose, owing to the fact that it is not just comfortable to wear while in office, but also allows you to emanate smartness.

However, a suit is not very cheap at all, and it requires a substantial amount of finances to procure a high-quality men’s suit. That being said, most working men would require more than one suit on a weekly basis, and they might also have limited funds, thereby giving rise to a huge dilemma.

But you can overcome this obstacle by making smart choices and deciding upon the right suits that you need to buy first. It is very crucial to give due importance to the color of your suits, when you are buying them, or when you are attempting to create a versatile wardrobe.

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A few important things to keep in mind while buying suits

Although you might be in love with a particular suit, it is also very important to gauge into its versatility and affirmatively acknowledge the question of whether you would be able to wear the same for different occasions. A very futile thing that most men do is to buy a suit that they love but rarely get to wear, owing to the fact that it is not suited for every kind of occasion. If you looking to maximize the spending power while building a comprehensive wardrobe, it is imperative that you do not waste your money on such illusive purchases.

The color of your suit has a lot to do with its versatility. There are some colors, which are simply best suited for every kind of occasion, as compared to other hues. This article aims to provide you with an insight into which colors would be most suitable and versatile for you, while buying suits on a tight budget. The list has been formed to accommodate the most versatile colors at the top, with the ones at the bottom being very attractive, but not really a necessary buy, if you are looking for utility rather than pomp.

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List of suits from the most versatile colors to the least

Navy Blue Suit- The most versatile suit that you will ever own in your wardrobe

The top two rankings in this list can be interchanged, but the navy blue suit takes higher priority by a thin margin, owing to the fact that North Americans, find this color as an almost staple color for their suits. It is customary for every men’s suit store in the United States to contain a navy blue colored suit. The reason that makes this color so popular is its simplicity and the fact that it allows the wearer to blend in perfectly. It resembles of a color that imbibes the feeling of being acknowledged for the efforts that the man puts forward, rather than for the looks that he portrays. Having a navy blue suit also comes with the added advantage that it can be easily tweaked to look classy, owing to the fact that it is a fairly simple color to work on, and incorporates change in a graceful manner.

navy blue suit

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A similarly versatile option as the navy blue suit: Charcoal Grey suit

Charcoal Grey is another example of an extremely versatile color in suits, with the one advantage that it can attribute to itself when compared to the aforementioned listing being the fact that it is a much more ideal wear for a young man owing to its ability to impart some age into whoever is wearing the color. If a young person wears a navy blue suit, chances are that he would look even younger, however, with a charcoal grey suit, such an effect is unheard of. Being on a gray scale, charcoal grey is an extremely versatile color when it comes to matching it with other colors. Owing to its neutral nature on the color scale, experimenting with various colored trousers and shirts is made possible, if a man owns a suit that is charcoal grey.

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Informal yet versatile: Medium Grey / Cambridge Grey suit

There're a number of different shades of grey, and Cambridge Grey is one that is slightly lighter as compared to the color mentioned just above. Cambridge or medium grey is almost as versatile as charcoal grey, with the only difference being that they are slightly less formal as compared to the two colors mentioned above. However, this difference is negligible and a very limited group of people can actually tell the difference. Having these three colors in your suit collection, will make for an extremely versatile wardrobe, which would ensure that you have the proper suits for every single occasion.

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Break of the monotony of daily life with the Light Grey suit

An even lighter shade of grey, the light grey suit for men is a perfect wear during the springs, summer and autumn. This variant of suits is a more casual one, and can be included in your wardrobe once you have acquired the suits that are absolute ‘must-haves’ as has been comprehensively explained above. If you are looking to break the drudgery of wearing the same colored suits over and over again, a light grey suit is a very cool way to achieve such results. Being light in color, they are also capable of showcasing various design elements like herringbone and checks, which are much more distinct in this light shade, as compared to the other darker ones.

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Increase your wardrobe’s sophistication and class with the Black suit

Although a very popular choice of suit color, the black is not as versatile as the others mentioned above. Black suits are very inclined towards the complexion of the wearer and if adorned by a man with the wrong complexion, it can prove to be disastrous. A black suit is best suited for somebody who has a darker skin tone and has dark hair. For somebody with a light skin color or a fairer shade of hair, the black suit would not work as good, owing to the fact that it may wash his other traits out completely. Moreover, a black suit is precisely created for a formal event, like a formal dinner, or a black-tie event, and their limited versatility can be attributed to their propensity to contrast starkly with any other color that they are matched with.

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Dark Brown Suit - Informal yet classy

A dark brown colored suit is similar to a black suit, in the sense that they look best on people with darker complexions. A person with a lighter skin tone, red hair or ruddy complexion might be able to pull it off, owing to the fact that this color effectively provides a semblance of color, whenever worn. However, it must be kept in mind that the dark brown suit is not a suit to be worn on formal occasions, especially to an event or gathering where formal dress code is taken very seriously.

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The perfect suit for your summer: The khaki /Tan suit

Although in the same color family as the dark brown suit, the khaki color is a much lighter shade compared to the preceding one. However, it needs to be accounted that this color is best suited for summertime weather, and is rather a versatile variant in the family of brown colored suits, given that you have the appropriate complexion and atmosphere to carry it. Similar to the light grey suit mentioned above, the khaki suit is an adventurous addition to a man’s wardrobe, and can reinvent the look that he pulls off on a daily basis. They are inclusive of pastels and allow you to experiment with them more, owing to their lack of color and propensity to not overpower men with neutral features.

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True Blue Suits - Rare and enigmatic

A true blue suit is a rare addition to this list and is popularly worn in parts of Asia and Europe. However, they do not enjoy the same popularity in the States, owing to their non-availability and casual nature. These suits can be regarded as a sports jacket owing to the fact that many sportsperson have donned jackets of this color, while the true reason behind their popularity is the fact that celebrities like Vladimir Putin, Prince Harry and Prince William have publicized these jackets.

true blue plaid suit


White Suits - Bold yet beautiful

A white suit is a color of suit that is very hard to pull off and even more importantly stands out as something extraordinary, and therefore, is not best suited for all kinds of occasions. The white suit has a propensity to draw the attention of onlookers onto yourself, and therefore, should be worn if you have to make an important announcement or speech and gather the attention of those present in the audience. It is a suit that should be worn only if you are confident that you can pull it off, or if you have a deviant sense of fashion. Therefore, it is one suit that you can actually forego, while building a wardrobe on a budget.

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With the help of the aforementioned list, the task of building a proper wardrobe with suits for all occasions can be easily achieved, and it can prove to be of great help for those who work in offices and prefer carrying off a professional demeanor in their workplace. A suit lover will find this article very helpful in being able to decide, which suits he would need to complete his wardrobe, and above all use the ones that he already owns in the most versatile and stylish manner.


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